From the first visit Connie put me @ ease with her friendly warmth and sincerity. She has helped me deal with a troubled relationship with my son. I love my son but it was time for him to move out. My son has finally moved out on his own. I thought this would never happen. Connie inspired me to stand up for myself. Something that I have started doing more often.

The books that Connie suggested were very helpful. Reading "Who's Pulling Your Strings?" really helped me see how I was being manipulated. Connie was very patient and empathetic. She always knew the right questions to ask: Always getting right to the heart of the matter. I saw Connie for just under a year. At times my husband came to the visits with me. He was also grateful for Connie's assistance.

Connie also assisted with my transition into retirement. I lost my job and was basically forced into retirement a few months after I began seeing Connie. This was a very demoralizing, stressful time. She really helped me through this big life change.

Connie is a wise and caring professional. She loves her life's work and it shows. I am grateful that I found her. Because of Connie's assistance, my husband and I are now, for the first time,empty nesters. (We are in our mid sixties). I love saying that, "empty nesters". We are having so much fun now that it's just the two of us.

For the first time in many years I feel @ peace with my life.

I highly recommend Connie for any life problems you may be struggling with.

Sally , St.Peters,Mo.

My fiancé and I came to see Connie as a last resort to ending our 3 year relationship. We had been fighting non-stop and it seemed as though our relationship was way past repair. I chose Connie out of the phonebook, and begged my boyfriend to come. He was very apprehensive and skeptical, as
was I.

Connie made us feel SO comfortable from the very start. She has helped us through so many obstacles and was able to quickly address the root of our problems. Walking into her office last May we felt our relationship was irreparable, by October of the same year, we were engaged and we both have Connie to thank! She offers great, real life advice. Although we are doing much better, we continue to see Connie for guidance with everyday struggles in a relationship. Connie has helped make our relationship so much stronger. I HIGHLY recommend choosing her as your counselor for anything you may be struggling with.

Bailey and Tim, St Louis, MO


"Connie made me feel instantly comfortable. She quickly helped me to get to heart of what I was struggling with personally, and we made quick progress due in part to her great listening skills, smart questions and the reading materials that she recommended to me. She is a great advisor to anyone feeling stuck or struggling in life"

Ann , St Louis, MO

My wife and I both tried to solve our quarreling after more than 15 years of marriage, but grew apart with more kids and career changes. We had tried reading some self-help books as well as constant prayer, but nothing helped as much as Love Languages, which we both read in less than one month. It was by far the best read of our lives. We are practicing daily now to speak the language of each other instead of fighting through our changing lives.

We even want to learn more about our children’s languages of love next. It's all very helpful, but nothing compares to the personal touch that Connie has given us. Books are awesome, but without her grace and honest approach to helping our union, it's still just a bunch of text. Connie brought it to life for us.

Thanks so much

Mike and Phoebe, St Louis, MO

I came to Connie Knox with what I thought was the worst condition a man could endure. My then wife was involved in an affair and after being discovered, she left my son and I and filed for divorce.

Connie was able to assess my situation along with my needs and began a plan the first visit. She saw my feelings of being abandoned, hurt, angry, ashamed, afraid, and during my course of therapy, many more complex feelings became involved.

It was because of Connie Knox's professionalism, knowledge, and ability that I am here today. She took me from the deepest darkest cavern of my inner being and brought me back in to the light. She helped me realize that bad things happen to good people, and that I am stronger in heart and spirit than I ever could have imagined. She was able to make me feel comfortable in some of the hardest emotional periods. She has a great personality and presence. I highly recommend her.

Mike, St Louis, MO


Connie has been of great assistance in helping me deal with my daughter’s death. I had never been to a counselor before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable opening up to her. Her visits are very nurturing, and she always makes sure that my concerns are addressed. She has also seen my husband and I together, and this has helped us as a couple. I leave each visit feeling better than when I walked in! Additionally, she has given concrete suggestions and practical tips to use between visits to help me in my journey of healing. I would highly recommend Connie to anyone in need of counseling services.

Joy, St Louis, MO


I have been working with Connie Knox for three months,updating my resume` and researching new career paths. Connie administered the Myers-Briggs Personality test to me and suggested two books to use as references in my quest to determine a new career path and updating my resume`. Taking the Myers-Briggs test really helped me pinpoint the direction I should take. The two books were very helpful to me.

Connie put me through the paces as I edited draft after draft of my resume`. It was an arduous process but worth the effort. I am grateful for her expertise and insight into the job search process. I have sent out my first resume` and feel confident about my chances for an interview and then being offered the job.

Celeste, St Louis, MO

“Connie conveys a real sense of caring about your welfare”

Rick, St Louis, MO

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