25 years and 252 days - the perfect age to have a baby

The perfect age to have a baby is 25 years and 252 days, according to a poll of parents.

Although 68 per cent of parents think there is never a right time to have a baby many believe 25 is the ideal age.

But nearly half of the 2000 parents polled felt they had had a child at the wrong stage of life, saying they wish they had had more opportunity to further their career, get on the property ladder or simply save up more money.

They were asked to give the ideal age for having a youngster - and the average between them worked out at 25 years and 252 days.

Results also showed the majority of parents wish they had prepared themselves more - with 74 per cent confessing they did nothing to improve their lifestyle when trying to conceive, and 41 per cent regretting not losing weight, drinking less and doing more exercise.

However, the old expression of 'never the right time' is apparent in the survey - with 68 per cent of parents agreeing.


Published by "The Telegraph", March 2012.  www.telegraph.co.uk

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